Futuristic Loft Apartment Design with Integrated Modular Units

The following loft apartment design was presented by Daniel Dethier for a young couple who have not had any children yet. The project was then called as the Kempar Loft Project. The main challenge faced by the designer is to turn the old bakery industry into a beautiful compartment for the love birds. The building itself is located in Liege, Belgium. For the size of an apartment, the couple manage to have a large apartment unit comprising of 154 meter square.

The main accent of this room is located in the modular units. It has aluminum cladding with curve on each of its side. The loft apartment design ideas look very futuristic since it also has monochromatic color with stainless steel accent. Behind this cover, we would be able to find bedroom and bathroom. It is placed across a seating area which comprise of integrated sofa and lounge chair.

Let’s take a look at the kitchen design. It is located at the end of the compartment, having wooden floor with pale accent. The kitchen has white kitchen counters as accompanied with advanced kitchen appliance. It also has a glass window which supports the natural light inside the house. Additionally, there also is hidden lighting behind the kitchen cabinets. In the middle, we can find a long dining table as accompanied with orange dining chairs.

Behind the room divider, we can find a hidden bedroom with simple furniture. It only has a bed frame with no end tables. It is placed facing two kind of bedrooms with different color accent. The orange one is designated for the residents to have bath. Meanwhile, the green one supports the residents when they want to take a shower only. The apartment is also equipped with roof garden and outdoor dining on the rooftop. This loft apartment interior design ideas also adopt many planters.

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