Generous Modern Penthouse with Extra Large Living Space

We do not know what brings this guy for staying in this beautiful modern penthouse. Spencer Kimbal who is working at Google has wonderful penthouse with the extra large space, which will make your jealous. This wonderful penthouse located in New York City looks so perfect with the best concept of the living space, which is designed in 3,000 square foot. It looks so great with the top floor of 682 broad ways. For sure, it is not only a little money for it, but also who care, when we can enjoy for staying in comfortable living space.

Something special in this modern penthouse design is beautiful kitchen, which is designed in spacious space. For sure, enjoying the time for cooking is good idea. We cannot deny that this wonderful kitchen is designed in elegant concept. Wooden rich furniture with strong wood floor looks so perfect in this spacious room. Beautiful wooden backsplash kitchen also looks so nice and perfect here. It is dominated by white theme color, which brings the warm and bright feeling inside.

For adding the comfortable living space, we are sure that this beautiful living space is designed so special. Beautiful concept of the grey theme looks so nice here. Meanwhile, if you have time, come to the beautiful master bedroom, then you will enjoy the night in beautiful master bedroom. Designed perfectly and connected with the bathtub makes this room looks so nice. Furthermore, for giving the warm feeling, beautiful fireplace on the right side looks so nice.

For the best living space, you will sure that you cannot say no for this beautiful kitchen. Beautiful lighting appears perfectly here. The pale color for the wallpaper looks so nice giving the warm feeling here. Meanwhile for the nature element truly works beautifully. Enjoying the time for making some dinner or breakfast here will be great moment.

For the best appearance, it is also connected with the outdoor space, which is designed in large windows which brings the natural lighting from there. Completed by soft curtain, it makes the room so calm and interesting. Well, weather you have plan for having such this wonderful modern penthouse design ideas, you can think about it now.

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