Glamorous Hotel Architecture for an Unforgettable Living Experience

This hotel architecture looks so glamorous with many expensive decorations. The furniture and the material makes this hotel looks so marvelous and stylish. It makes everybody who ever live in this place feel so awesome. Do you want to know about this place? Check it out this whole article for more review.

The architecture of the bedroom looks so stylish with the combination of gold and turquoise blue color. It has brown carpet with teal blue color pattern. Above the carpet is available big gold bed which has wooden bedside table on the each side of the bed.

You also can find brown relaxing chair which is combined with white floor lamp. It can be a perfect spot for your reading time. The working table is added in front of this chair. This wooden table is stuck on the wall and combined with simple working chair. Look how amazing this hotel architecture design!

Every bedroom has private living room which is separated with white glass door. The entire living room floor is covered with coffee brown carpet color which has golden pattern. This room has ivory couch which is blend with simple glass rectangle coffee table.

In the corner of the room you can find turquoise blue armchair which is combined with floor lamp. This is exactly perfect spot for your reading time. This living space also has big flat LCD TV which is set above the wooden cabinet that is adhere to the cream wall. Look how perfect this room as your private living room.

The design of the lounge room of this hotel looks so awesome. It has stylish brown sofa which has many cozy cushions. It has fur cushions which look so perfect for this lounge room. In the middle of the area you can see stylish glass coffee table which looks so awesome for this spot. So, what do you think about this luxury hotel architecture design for your unforgettable living experience?

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