Gleam Penthouse Apartment Design on River Scene

This penthouse apartment design placed on the Stockholm area. These places standing on wide space area include three kinds private room to create calm sense. The glass material and steel material appear on the outside layout to make bright style. The topical sense can appear on the outside style use white metal lounge furnishing and fresh plant.

You can enjoy your time in this house use open space sense. The modern penthouse apartment recommended for your quality time. The artistic style can appear on chic family area use elegant standing fireplace on black metal chimney on the above side.

The animal print rug can create artistic decor in family space. You can enjoy your time use set of elegant and bright sofa bed styles fill in this space. Back to nature style can enjoy in this room use wide glass door and glass window. You can enjoy river scene and natural sunlight effect in this place.

The nice kitchen and dining room also appear on this place use bright design. The wide glass window and door fill in this place to get fresh sense. Modern style can appear from wooden kitchen furnishing and dine furnishing. The master bedrooms add on this house placed on the next of family area. You can feel private use become one room model. Cool bathroom placed on next to chic bedroom separated use wall partition. The simple design can appear on private room use neat arrangement.

Your feeling can relax and calm when you stay in this place for long time. The outside river scene can give fresh sense for your mind and feel. You can enjoy fresh air use outside lounge design in your house. house offer best place for you’re to spare time.The penthouse apartment decoration above offer relaxes sense for people who have stay in there.

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  1. Michelle says:

    where is this couch from? I love it!!

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