Glorious Country Club House Design in Vintage and Warm Room Ambiance

Summer Thornton, designer for home interior, created an amazing country club house that has location in Chicago, Illinois. Living room is built in warm room accent. The wall behind the sofa set is chosen to be in caramel brown color. This wall is made from the hardwood material.

A deer head decoration is mounted on the wall which gives a vintage accent. The room has grey color as its major scheme shown by the sofa and carpet. At the side of the room, bookshelves will provide you with plenty of books to read while sitting on the cozy sofa.

Get into another house section, we will see the black fireplace among the white painted wall. Above this fireplace, there are some decorations like the white flowers, candle holders, and sculptures. These stuff create a stylish touch there.

A coastal painting is attached on this white wall too. Black wall lights complete the design of this lounge room. Working room is also built in this country club house plans. This space has bright room design because of its wide glass windows. Brightness is really support us to be focus on every of our task.

Serene design is created for the dining area. This house section has round dinette surrounded by some chairs. Table set looks so comfortable to sit in and ready to accompany us in enjoying our food. Above this table, flower brings a fresh ambiance. Some plates and other dishes have already been prepared there for the next meal time. Room is filled with many of unique decorations.

Near the black framed window, we can also see the shoes rack besides the wooden cabinet. If we walk further into the bedroom, this sleeping place has neutral color as its design concept. Wall is painted in white ivory colors. This really blends with the bedcover feature. Some patterned stuff also give an artistic accent. In this French country club clubhouse floor plans, dark brown wood cladding is made for some parts of the wall too.

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