Glorious Modern Residence Design with Exclusive Lighting Interior Design

Looking for inspirations before build a house is needed, that is why, we are coming with the great modern residence design which comes with the exclusive lighting interior design. More than word, this wonderful residence also looks so perfect with the amazing building in box home shape. This wonderful house also presents the open living plan in order to keep in touch with the nature.

Khosla Associates was built this modern residence design pictures and the wonderful interior is great ideas of the owner wants. Started from loving for reading habit, the amazing house becomes such a great dream library house. Do you know why? The living room is full of beautiful bookshelves with so many literary that everyone loves it.

Beside the beauty for the exterior design, this wonderful house also appears perfectly with nice concept of the living space. It must be such a great house with its elegant elements. Wonderful element such as the nature, marble, and beautiful building is really great. It looks so interesting with the beautiful neutral and rustic idea. It has such a wonderful appears. Adding the modern facilities, this house also looks so great in indoor swimming pool. Connected with the open living plan in long shape, this swimming pool flowing the nice appearance and it should be such a great idea for it.

Moreover, when the night comes, this wonderful house also appears such a wonderful palace. Covered by the glass wall for almost, the shining of the house comes out perfectly from the window. It makes the bright lighting appears there. Amazing accent of wonderful floor looks so nice. In brown theme this beautiful house looks so great. Moreover, we still can get the beautiful solar panels from ceiling which brings the lighting and warm feeling inside. Modern residence design ideas is very great and wonderful in appearance.

Image By : Khosla Associates

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