Glossy Steel for Interior Design Invading the Modern Loft

This simple loft has some furniture part made of steel for interior design completing the mixture of wood and concrete. Contemporary concept brings the borderless space to set simple access along the loft. Wood covers up the floor and ceiling. The neat assembly gets the contrast to the rough gray concrete wall. Windows under the ceiling provide the natural lighting from the sunlight. Piping setting is nicely arranged to align with the structure lining.

The kitchen has the range hood in appearance of stainless steel for interior design enhancement. The glossy surface looks so elegant mounted on the harsh concrete wall. It gets the coherence surface with the modern kitchen cabinetries.

Next to the kitchen, dining space looks so modest with the stylish chairs and simple design of the sleek table. Wiry legs of the furniture give the graceful style of contemporary furniture. On the sitting space fashionable angled sofa acts as the best seats for loafing.

Surrealist paintings help decorating the interior. The gloomy theme of the paintings fills this loft with melancholy spirit. Bold steel stairs lead to the upper floor and offer a strong step-path to move up. It is up-cycled obsolete steel which has been modified with an additional curved steel board to create a single stair. This is kind of contrary sight because of the painting and the steel structure present different ambiance within this loft.

Under this loft ceiling, up-cycled containers grant remarkable indoor room design. The bright colors strike the dim concrete background. Glass installation makes the big box upgrading the left-over stuff to be a nice room for living.

Inside the container, minimalist interior shows the artistic design of steel made furniture. The divan serves a firm place for sleeping with the delicate bed on it. That is extraordinary stainless steel used in interior design which collaborates with modern furniture sets.

Image By : Wardell + Sagan Projekt

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