Gorgeous Chalet Design Built by Wooden Material for Natural Appearance

Casa San Sen that is build by applying wooden material for both exterior and interior is indeed the most gorgeous Chalet Design. Surrounded by green lawn and subtropical plants, the chalet is really looked so natural embracing authentic appearance. Moreover, the wooden material that is applied as main material to build the chalet has classy outlook.

Now, let’s see these following pictures of the chalet that is designed by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos. As a chalet that is built at the lower hill, applying triangle rooftop plan is the classiest idea. In addition, by adding aluminum chimney for the rooftop decoration, the exterior decoration of the chalet is looked more adorable.

As a modern chalet that is designed by applying wooden material, glass panels for complementary exterior wall are the perfect exterior decoration. Indeed, along with vintage furnishings that are applied as main furniture at the outdoor terrace, the Chalet Designs for Houses is looked more authentic.

The wooden material, for instance is being applied for all decoration of the chalet, which are floor plan, ceiling design and even wall plan. Whether glass panels are also being applied for the complementary wall, the wooden veneer is really making the chalet is looked so authentic.

The white cushions that are applied at the rattan chairs are indeed making the chalet is looked so classy. Indeed, by applying white furnishings along with wooden furniture, the decoration for both exterior and interior is looked more adorable.

For main lamp system at interior chalet, ceiling lamps are installed on the ceiling bars that are made from wooden material, too. To cover the wooden floor, plaited rug is indeed used for main cover of the cedar wood. Therefore, as a modern chalet that is built by applying wooden material, Chalet Designs Salon with authentic decoration is the finest alternative for chalet design.

Image By : Alejandro Sánchez García Arquitectos

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