Gorgeous Interior Residence Cliff Road Decorations on Nantucket

Some people are expecting to find the best interior residence to be applied for their lovely residence. However, have they chosen the best one? Well, if you are one of them and you are seeking for a new interior design of residence, you may take some looks at this article.

We have some pictures included the modern residence design that is located on Nantucket. It is an island that is about 30 miles or 48 km south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. The residence is well known named as Cliff Road Residence. J. Brown Builders envisioned this residence interior decoration as gorgeous.

Here are the pictures that you need to make the design clearer. The appearance of interior residence design uses the white background. It is really a neutral color background that can be easily to decorate. The structure of this interior design includes the glossy wooden floor with white concrete wall to ceiling.

To connect the floor to next level, they apply stunning staircases for white and brown steps combinations. The handrail is designed based on glossy wood and the grips are made of transparent wires. Each wire is connected to the handrail in great iron connectivity. It looks sophisticated.

Dealing to the other interior decoration, we are looking at the second floor. It is a place for gathering. It includes the dining area and kitchen. The kitchen is situated in striped cabinetry in white with glossy wooden and black stainless steel countertop.

The cabinet is placed along the wall side for the cooking space, sink placement, and also gas stove placement. There is also a set of big cabinetry at the center included a small sink as the dining area, too. It is completed with stainless steel barstools in one side. The gorgeous styles come from also the existence of great lighting systems both from the ceiling and wall attached.

The other design of this residence is coming also in this article. They are designed as balanced and gorgeous enough. It includes every element in every room. The concept of placing and choosing the furniture, decorations, and also lighting system are really perfect. We can find more residence interior design ideas about the Cliff Road right here in this article.

Image By : J. Brown Builders

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