Gorgeous Spanish Duplex With Natural Concept

The creative design by N232 Arquitectura is popular in designing Spanish duplex. This design style can be applied in the house or apartment. The duplex design always looks so beautiful and gorgeous. The beautiful duplex design can be seen in the Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain. The beautiful Spanish interior design is reflected in this house duplex. It looks so gorgeous in the splash of contemporary design style.

The design of duplex house uses open floor plan. It looks so gorgeous in its design display. There are some important spaces that are created in open floor plan such as living room, dining room and the kitchen. The accent of Spanish duplex house can be seen on the pictures below. Let’s see the pictures. The duplex house is sited on the top level of the building. It has beautiful décor with modern look design. The furniture used has contrasted accent that improve the wall tone. It means that the colorful interior of the furniture is combined with the natural color on the wall design. The example is presented in the gray sofa and green carpet which look so contrastive with the full white the wall paint.

Black wall is also painted in the interior design of the house. It can be seen in the black color applied on the kitchen wall. The contrasted look of the white color on the other wall side and the white blonde cabinet in the kitchen is really wonderful. Wooden floor also makes the house feel so comfortable atmosphere. Colorful dining area is very special in the Spanish design style. The chair is so colorful with various colors like blue, yellow, white and brown. The bedroom is also beautifully designed with natural color paint.

The duplex house above is reflecting the natural concept in Spanish design style. It looks so gorgeous and beautiful. The Spanish duplex house plans above is suitable applied in everyone duplex house or apartment.

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