Gorgeous Traditional Home Design of Arborwall to Enjoy Your Living

What do you think when you look at the traditional home? Most of its architecture consists of natural materials especially woods. Sometimes it also combines with the stone material for more rustic impression. Today’€™s designs of traditional houses have been developed to be more stylish adjusted to the homeowner favors. Such a case is reflected on the traditional log architecture called Arborwall. This house appeals contemporary, modern, and/or classic style. They are mixed and resulted gorgeous design of rustic house.

See the home exterior looks like; this traditional home design uses wooden and stone facade in good construction. The wooden wall colored in grey pastel is arranged horizontally and creates stunning lines. Meanwhile, the stone foundation invades the lower half side of the building. Its rusticity stands out the characteristics of being traditional. Surrounding the house, there are dense of vegetations that produce fresh air every day. Green environment give calm and peace atmosphere for the people living in here.

Going further inside the house, the interior design is just awesome with natural concept. You must be amazed looking at the exposed beam ceiling. Its appearance decorates the room nicely. It is also the excellent choice to get interior in lighter wood color. Besides, for the flooring idea, it has darker and shiny surface to accent the view. Using open plan layout, the room looks spacious enlightened by the natural light coming in. It is going perfect with the stone fireplace to warm you especially in the winter’s days.

Actually, this traditional house has another surprise with modern touch. Move to the other side, you will find chic and colorful modern kitchen. Its natural look is getting bold with pinky accent for the kitchen island as well as for the wall. Shiny marble countertop values the kitchen beautifully. It makes you enjoy cooking in this place. Its existence also adds the reference in building rustic house. Such traditional home design plans will be unending story in architectural world.

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