Gorgeous Warm Interior Design with Wooden Elements and Dim Lighting

Scott Allen has designed a residential building with warm interior design, the Northwest Family Retreat. This house is located in the middle of rocks area. That’s why from the outside, this house has natural concept. On both front and backyard, this house has rocky courtyard with some luxurious plants. But on the backyard, it has a small open terrace with wooden relaxing chairs. The designer creates that rocky backyard naturally with stone stairs and a little flat space.

This house has wooden cladding exterior with combination of glass, which looks golden when the sun shines through it. Moreover inside the building, contemporary warm interior design fills the entire house.

In the living room, it has white and sandstone wall with opaque glasses cover the one side. This room has grayish sectional sofas that stand on sandstone floor harmoniously. It also has dark varnish wooden chairs and square table that face to a fireplace with wooden cabinets and shelves besides.

Behind the living room, there is a dining room with kitchen. There is also a fireplace on a side of this room. Right from living until the kitchen, wooden cladding with beams cover up the ceiling and make this wide room feels warmer. Moreover with the placing of a solid wooden dining table with wooden chairs around. The designer deliberately uses woods as the kitchen cabinets, because woods will accentuate the warm for a room.

But a bedroom in this house has warm nuance although the designer doesn’t apply much woods inside this room. However, it has dim yellow lamps that make it look warm. This bedroom has big double size bed with wooden headboard. Beside the bed, there is a personal ivory couch with blanket. While sitting on this couch, the occupants could enjoy the natural backyard by glass doors. The designer installs those glasses to cover the warm modern design bedroom side that faces to the backyard.

Image By : Scott Allen

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