Graceful White Hardwood Dresser with Modern Slide Open Design

There are many designs of dresser to complete the house furniture; one of them is white hardwood dresser. This closet is made from the wood material. As we know that hardwood has many color of wood design. This wood dresser is designed by Kalon Studios. The most famous his design is about Caravan Dresser. He has designs many style of wood cupboard and many people love his design which is always up to date.

In this rank design that has been made by Kalan has the unique characters. The example of these designs is about the closet with four ranks. The cupboard has the white color and combines with the blue frame. This blue frame makes the dresser look more beautiful and good looking. The other design of wardrobe is black wood dresser. This black color make the cupboard looks elegant and expensive.

Besides, this closet has the simple style. It is designed with four or three ranks in each. For the frame color combination, there will be many colors, such as blue frame, yellow, red, black and others. In commons situation, this closet has the quadrangle shape. Although it is shaped quadrangle, it has the elegant ornament.

The designer can give the beautiful ornament in this dresser. By this wood furniture, people can complete the house with the nice design. The wood furniture has the classic and natural style of the furniture, because it has the wood motive. This wood furniture has durable material because it is has the high quality of the wood.

For some decorations, people can choose the other design of the wood interior. They can choose the colorful wood furniture which has the different look with other. In this cupboard, people can save many things of their collections. They can save the dresses, small accessories, book collections and other. This black wood furniture will make the house looks tidier and nicer to look.

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