Grand Villa Decoration with Fantastic Exterior and Interior Design

Designing the villa decoration in the exterior or the interior used should make in luxurious design. It makes the villa owners become comfortable and enjoy when they are in the villa. The Akasha Villa with luxurious interior and exterior can be used as your reference to build a villa.

This villa is situated in St. Lucia, Caribbean. The building of this villa is made of bricks. The walls are painted in beige color. The glass material is also used as the material to make the windows. There are many railings used in the first, second, and also third floor.

In front of the house, we can see that the walls are made in straight and also curved design. The design of this villa likes a palace. There are railings used in front of the house. The color of the doors is brown color. There are two columns used in the patio. Behind the house, there is a pool. The shape of the pool in the villa decoration ideas is curved. The water in the pool looks clean and blue. There is a path next to the pool.

On the other side, near the pool, there is a balcony. The color of the floors is brown. There are three folding chairs put in this area. There is also a small round table next to the chairs. From this area, the villa owners can be seeing beautiful scenery of forest, city, and also beach. On the other balcony, we can see that the floors are made of wooden material. There is also transparent material used on the floors. There are two chairs put in the balcony.

Inside the room, we can found various furniture. A glass table is put in front the sofa. There is white sleeper sofa put near the wall. There are two floor lamps with red lampshade put beside the sofa. There are also black sofas put on the other side with black table. The using of the white and black furniture in the villa decorating ideas is good choice because it is matching with the spacious room.

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