Great Modern Apartment Design: Black and White Setting

There are so many amazing modern apartment designs that you can find right now. It seems that contemporary apartment is now become the main selection of people living space. As we all know that space problem is one of the biggest problems in modern and it seems that apartment living space is one of the best ways to solve that problem.

There are some stunning contemporary apartment designs that will able to make you amaze with its beauty and one of them is this black and white apartment by INT2 Architecture. This beautiful contemporary apartment design displays minimalist space setting that will able to become the basis of other design creation.

The modern apartment interior design that use in this contemporary apartment design is the thing that make this nice contemporary apartment design so special. Take a look at the color composition. It is very simple, isn’t it? This is a one room apartment that every part of the house is located in the same area. The bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and the dining area is located in one area, the main area.

The bathroom of this perfect contemporary apartment design is located in the special room that covered in black color. So it is like a room inside the room. The outer part of the bathroom wall is the one that make this space has black and white color composition. The living room, meanwhile, is very simple and it is supported by elegant leather furniture that makes it looks lovely.

The design that presented by this gorgeous contemporary apartment design can become the example for other small space apartment design creation, isn’t it? Modern apartment design ideas by this designer are something that able to show modern people overcomes one of the biggest modern housing problems, the space problem.

Image By : INT2 Architecture

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