Great Modern House Design; the Best Choice for Living Closer to Nature

Having modern house design is the dream of most people. Modern house always becomes favourite house design since it is somehow simple in design but luxurious at the impression. Let us see the semi-detached home in Singapore. The house is well known as Far Sight House which is situated to be approximately in Bukit Timah. This house is design by Wallflower Architecture + Design. This house can be inspirational house design for you who want to have a house in modern design but still have interaction with surrounding area.

Does the house have modern interior design? The answer must be absolutely yes. This house has modern white interior. It can create elegant, clean, and cozy impression to the room. Let us see the dining area first. Here, you can see how white color can be focal point to the room design. Here, the room designer put white glossy dining table with wooden chairs around.

One of the most important things here is the choice of pendant lamps. To create contrast to the white interior, the splash of red color in stylish pendant lamps are put above the rectangular table. Next to the dining set, you can find staircase with glass hold.

Let us move to the other room. Do you want to see the kitchen in this house? Yea, this house has modern kitchen in minimalist design. The minimalist modern kitchen is featured by modern furniture such as glossy table sink, stove, microwave, modern kitchen island with stools and bulb pendant lamps floating above the kitchen island.

We have talk about the exterior design off the house. Well the two-storey house has gorgeous exterior design. It also has roof terrace which has the picturesque landscape of valley. It will bring you becoming closer and closer to the natural environment around the house.

This house also has small playground which is completed with small pool for your children. If you want to enjoy your coffee together with your lovely family, you can gather in the roof terrace. Does this house have anything you need? Do you have any comment for this modern house decor after this?

Image By : Wallflower Architecture + Design

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