Great Modular House with White and Contemporary Design

Take a look at these pictures of an amazing modular house done by LTG Lofts. This residence has 3 main parts which are separated one of each other. They are been built in three rectangular shapes, with white bodies and linings. One of them is the private area like bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The other one is a social room which usable as a living room or guest area. What about the last one? Just follow this examination for clearer.

We will start from the social area. An opened building with no walls is shaped in rectangular. Small, not too spacious. Along the top, side, and bottom, this area is covered by gapped wooden blocks. In bright days, these blocks will give a cute shadow effect to the area.

Two simple seats with white color are standing on the wooden flooring. You can spend your leisure with friends whenever you like here. Where the other main parts are been put by the modular house plan?

Here, another cozy part of the house. It has a beautiful sleek white surface all over the building. If you like, you can put a dining table and its chairs to make your new outdoor dining area. However, you could just left it like that, unfurnished. Maybe in a barbeque party time, you can use this area as an important part of your happiness. Anyway, you should see the lighting of this part. 4 built-in lamps are stuck on the ceiling, enlightening the area beautifully.

Now we are in the real main part which contains bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. All of them are separated by walls, but the similarity is given by the transparent walls towards the outside. To keep them away from people sight, there are some white thin curtains are available with the transparent walls.

The rooms are just simple yet so modern. You cannot deny its beauty. Clean and bright given by the white furnishing are nothing but so perfect. Get the modular house plans designs in pictures here for clearer references.

Image By : LTG Lofts

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