Great Penthouse Apartment Design Bringing Your Dream with Your Ideas

Every people in the world have their own dream about living space, like this penthouse apartment design. They imagine how their dream house look like till small details, but an apartment in New York that never ever you can imagine. How wonderful this building look like that is duplex penthouse in New York City. Inside this apartment your eyes will be amaze with photo collection from Charles Gwathmey and Robert Siegel. Located in Astor Place Tower allow your too look around the entire of New York City which is always on.

This modern penthouse apartment was design with three bedrooms; the first bedroom was design with simple amazing design with some furniture like bed and lamp floor but something that make this room is amazing is the view outside this build, you will see suite skyscraper which is very beautiful with its variety.

The next bedroom was design lot different with the other; it is because this bedroom has big dimension room with some element inside it, such as dressing table, carpet, chair and unique sofa which is provide you suitable place and perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful New York City that is never dying.

Move to bathroom design, in this apartment provide greatest design bathroom with white ceramic with black sink. Simple combination colors in this bathroom make this room comfortable for any people who take a bath. From this room you also can enjoy the astonish view of the entire New York City.

Having unpretentious balcony with four chairs with different style, make this apartment is perfect in every spot and different point of view to enjoy the wonderful New York City. The excess of this apartment is you can enjoy New York City with different point of view from different spot. So you can know the city well, you can watch it closely with all penthouse apartment decoration.

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