Great Rustic House Design Giving Fresh Natural Look

There are so many designers that now use rustic house style as the alternative style in the middle of modern and minimalist style rapid development. This unique home design style is indeed able to become one of the destinations for people who want to have a unique design. One of those people is Architect Diego Kotlik.

He is the one that responsible to every inch of this Paulita House, one of the best rustic style home designs in the world right now. This lovely rustic style home design has so many great things that make it able to become such a great example of how rustic home should become.

The rustic house decor that develop in this awesome rustic style home design is the one that make this house special. There are few parts of the house that will become the example of how this house present rustic design in its way and one of those parts if the elegant dining room design. This amazing dining area design is located in the area in which surrounding by uncovered brick wall. There is also an abstract painting that make this space looks even more special.

The other part of this perfect rustic style home design that will able to show you about the design character that develop in this house is the entrance of this adorable rustic style home design. The entrance is a perfect explanation of what will you sees when you enter this house. It develops by using highly rustic material like rustic wood and unfinished steel material. The “face” of this house is full with rustic design element.

There are few types of style that can be used in modern housing creation, but gorgeous rustic style home design is selecting the right style, the rustic style. Rustic house designs in Argentina are indeed something that can become the example of an alternative style in modern housing era.

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