Green Bike Design with Stylish Look

In this modern era where the need of using eco-friendly transportation is very importunate, a bicycle with great bike design can be the solution. Saving the gasoline and develop healthy people is what the bicycle is all about. The bicycle is used to be a short course vehicle that should be combined with a sufficient public transportation system. By doing so, the bicycle will have a very important role in creating a green transportation system.

A great bicycle design to achieve a green transportation system is displayed by a bike design project of ECO-DRIVE. This is a bicycle product design that is featured in Seoul Cycle Design Competition. More importantly this bike has won Bronze medal at that competition.

There is a place to put a smartphone on the bike frame. This special place is connected to the electricity provider that can be used to charge out mobile phone. The electricity is generated from battery that is placed inside the bike frames. The electricity is used to charge the phone and also to power the signal lamps.

The design of this bike is very futuristic with its sleek and curved shape. The frame is a little bit bulky due to its function to save the battery and thee smartphone. This frame has a square shape on its front end. In this front end there is a lamp available to light the road in the night ride. There are also two signal lams that are placed at the below of the bicycle saddle. These signal lamps is very important to promote a safety riding.

The bicycle comes in two different color themes. There is white themed color and black themed color. They are designed with brown colored saddle. However there are also other color themes which are blue and green that are designed especially for the people with disabilities.

The design for this kind of bike employs two wheels on its rear wheel to make it more balance. This kind of bicycle design project should be considered as the future bike that may become the answer for the health, energy, and climate issue.

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