Harmoniously Chic Modern House Gives Happiness

Designing modern house is not only talking about sophisticated architecture. The environment also becomes the factor to consider that will support the existence of such building. Location is just far away from the narrow neighborhood and noisy street. Then, it is about how an ideal home should be. By bringing that concept, Valencia-based Sanahuja and Partners tries to create D&E House which is suited to the need of people in modern life.

Especially designed for family dwelling, the house is located in Castellon, Spain, near the golf course. Even though the architects use modern house plans, they still involve the nature as its potential elements.

Beautiful nature and artificial garden work hand in hand to bring harmony in this place. Some big trees give shade and fresh ambience as well. From the front side, those natural views are not seen because of the building covering by steel facade. But you can find them all at the spacious backyard.

Paying attention the construction, this residence is made of concrete base. It has stunning look which full of string and sturdy impression. But thanks to the environment around it that softens the view. Wooden wall also completes the home exterior. The combination of these materials is just excellent.

The house is oriented to sweep the outside view well. Hence, the architects benefit transparent transition from clear glass materials. When the night comes, you can see clearly the view inside the house. Even more, modern furniture looks cooler illuminated by well lightings.

What you expect of modern houses on its interior design is reflected in here. Minimalist design applied in this house makes the room stylish. See the staircase with voids in the main area; it really saves more spaces by placing it right in front of the bookshelves. Meanwhile, the modern furniture is available in elegant look with yellow accents. The designers don’t use more ornamental things to decorate the room because the right choice and good placement of furniture has revealed its own beauty. These contemporary house plans may give enliven your life.

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