Historical Modern Residence Architecture with Two Great Pavilions

No one can guess that this modern residence is from an old building. Renovated project by HILBERINKBOSH architecten has changed the look of former post office to be more stylish with contemporary touch. The place which was also used as a private home in the recent years still contains historical elements to be maintained. The architectural building located in Rosmalen, the Netherlands, consists of two installations; one is main living area, another one is working place. They are connected by the corridor functioned as the pathway as well.

It is very interesting to visit this place named Huize Vreeburg, even more to live in here. In the middle of spacious garden the round structure of working area gives special attraction. Its unique shape needs much attention of us. Glass materials covering the entire side enable people to see beautiful view around it.

Besides, it also saves energy thanks to the transparent transition that allows the natural light in. Working in the part of modern residence architecture becomes more spirited because the atmosphere is very supporting.

Moved to the main building, great brick house is so impressive. Brick material also comes up for the terrace as decorative home exterior. The residence has simple look that is rich of history. Its interior design performs with soft and natural colors in European classic style.

The architects do not use stunning accents to keep it balance with nature outside the house. When you get in, you will find narrow entryway made of woods. Meanwhile, the flooring is just wonderful using tiles shaped like a bee hive. Such design is available for the bathroom idea as well but in different hues.

These two pavilions have their own characteristics actually. Each serves different functions that support one other. However, the team doesn’t let them plain. The room decorating ideas appear to make it better. Look at the white cabinet in the main pavilion, the shape gets into the size.

On the working area, you can see the beam exposed on the ceiling excellently. To enliven the room, perhaps, garden plans are the good idea to do. But don’€™t be too much because the plants in doing the respiration at night may is not really good for your health. After delving the area, these modern house architecture styles should be kept well as the cultural heritage.

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