Homely Interior for Room of Japanese Residence

It is spacious interior for room right under the roof space. Contemporary design of the furniture sets support the room setting. White becomes the main background in the entire sight.

Doors and windows make the air regulation fill this space with fresh atmosphere and natural getting inside through the glass installation. The existences of green plants balance the sharp lining interior. Small ball lamps are nicely hanging above the spotless white floor illuminating tender lights in the night.

Tribal motive rug covers little space as the base of stylish light brown side chair and modest glass table with the planter in the edge. Furniture does not invade the design playground. It is just the size of home main family room with small amount fashionable furniture contribution and no partition separating each functional space. This Japanese house applies easy interior design for room to welcome all family members.

Wooden cabinetries seem to be the best match for this interior design. The long countertop of the sink pedestal transforms itself into dining table on the very end. Modern kitchen suits the wall and have the countertop extension as study table with modest chair style at the corner of this large room. Hidden setting light makes this area looks so gentle poured by tender golden radiance.

Contrast hues fill the restroom by the citrus color and the next room with soft but dark purple reducing the spacious nuance. Back to the middle of the family room, white conventional stairs lead to the upper floor. By the kitchen, also black stairs give the access out of this room with textured black steel cladding each stair step. A quirky entrance into the inner space has the humble wooden furniture greeting every eye when opening the main door. This Japanese living cave presents simple interior design for room in all spot of this home.

Image By : Airhouse Design Office

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