Homey Modern Penthouse Brings Peace and Calm in Modern Home Living

Living in a modern penthouse will give you special experience in your life. From the top floors, you can see clearly the beautiful outside view. It becomes the additional value in home living. However, the internal factor such as interior design is also important as the main consideration. The place should give comfort and relaxation during the whole time you live there. Perhaps, one of such ideal house can be found in Plaza Cataluna, Barcelona.

Ylab Architects has created this modern penthouse designs with homey ambience. It is very different from other penthouses that look high class and glamour. The design guides the performance in simple and elegant in order to get modern contemporary European style.

Starting with the color, the rooms has soft look because of the natural elements. Darker color of plywood results bold accent for the false wall. It is also functioned as the bulkhead that separates the living room with the bedroom. The furniture colored in palette with shiny metal touch for some parts.

That setting is very excellent in minimalist design. The architects can create small space to be more compact but not make it bulky. It also applies open layout plan for the main area in which the living and dining area as well as the kitchen are there.

Good choice for the furniture that still left some spaces to move freely. And then, thanks to the light color that makes this small house looks spacious. On the other side, the team benefits the wall with space for the cabinet at the upper side and the work table. Overall, the interior is chic and powerful.

Feeling like home is also reflected on the exterior design equipped by wooden deck. In here, you can take a deep breath and refresh your mind. The window blows your skin gently and gives peace and tranquil into your home. To be more decorative, the designers set some trees in the big pots. They produce the fresh air that very good for your health. This modern penthouse architecture is really impressive.

Image By : Ylab Architects

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