Iconic Sophisticated Apartment with Four Giant Clocks

When you have a time to visit New York, then you have a chance to see a sophisticated apartment of Clock Tower Triplex. You will see the iconic Clock Tower in this apartment. You have 360 degree panoramic view around the penthouse. Look the exterior building side where you can find three-story penthouse in classic exterior design. Right at the tower rooftop, you will find glass room that you can use as the view post.

The interior design is so fantastic because you can find the giant classic clock on the wall. For your information this clock is also has a function as the glass wall, so you can see the view outside from the clock. Modern living room looks so beautiful and matches with this penthouse main concept. You will find two leather long sofas in brown color and modern coffee table with glazed surface. These two pictures show the elegant side of sophisticated apartment design in the city.

Zoom out your view and you can see spacious living room in extraordinary interior concept. You may find stylish kitchen design with white kitchen set color. It is amazing because you can see another big clock right beside the kitchen area. This kitchen room looks clean and beautiful with marble countertops and custom floating racks. You also can see long kitchen island with the bar side at the end of the cart. The amazing area that you will love to see is the master bathroom.

When you go to the bathroom, you will see sophisticated bathroom design with brick tile walls and grey stone flooring. At the end of the bathroom, you can find modern bathtub with stylish steel sink. The last picture that you should see is the elegant dining room under the giant wall clock. Honestly, this is one of the most amazing sophisticated apartment design ideas that becomes real.

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