Idyllic Family Home Design of White Plain Wall and Patterned Stuff

To decorate family home design, we should consider about its decoration and each room function. Comfort is the most important thing that we should keep. In Sweden, there is home with attractive design. It has been renovated since the year of 1920™s. In that year, Arvid Fuhre conducted the renovation in this KungsladugÃ¥rd neighborhood. One thing that becomes its uniqueness is because this renovation is still being maintained until now.

The room has the base of neutral design with the completion of some details in modern style. The interior is decorated in bright design which reveals its own colors. Living room has surprising accent in black and white color. White room becomes its basic construction with white wall and flooring.

Then, architect added wallpaper at one side of the wall. Grey sofa and rug are placed here with some patterned pillows. Black chair plays the role to balance the design of this bright decoration of living room in this family home design ideas.

Cabinet and shelves always become decorative furniture that we can manage in various ways. We can put everything we want on those furniture. The way we put stuff there will create its own decoration style. Photo frames, sculptures, dishes, or any other home accessories will show an artistic touch. In this home, white plain cabinet is combined with black striped carpet that creates an awesome design.

We have to look into its kitchen too. This kitchen is decorated in details. There are many decorative stuff and filled with some greenery in the pots. Cabinet is placed at the side of the kitchen, it has white color with black table top. Wooden flooring is used to build the bedroom in white or brown color. Patterned stuff like wallpaper, carpet, bedcover, or pillows blend seamlessly with the white plain wall. These family house design ideas are inspiring and easy to be applied in our home planning.

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