Implausible Box House in Bold Concrete Packaging

A firm of a modern house architectural designer has chosen to finish a box house manufacturing project a couple years ago. A-cero developer is what we have meant. Open Box House is the masterwork which has designed by this firm. Concrete has selected to create strong construction and powerful impression of this modern building. Located in a rush city of Madrid, this absolute private residence outstanding as much as the rigid framework itself.

In fact, the box house design of this building has inspired by Jorge Oteiza, a famous craftsman. This three-story house has been arranged to divide between public spaces and private spaces in different floor and structure. Look from the outside, the facade has fully loaded by green area complete with some plants and sectional pond. Besides, the entryway that is connecting the outdoor space with the indoor room has completely installed with dazzling jeweled illumination system.

And now, we are going to talk about the first public space, living room. Lavish ad elegant is what has shown here. Huge four-sided figured reflection glass has installed behind the couch arrangement to increase the modern impression and luxuriousness inside.

The furniture itself has adopted a combination between dark brown geometric sofa and black sculptured coffee table. Golden cushions have arranged on the sofa to mate the premium interior design, while in-line fireplace has settled in the middle of the living room to boost up the casual contemporary design.

Back again to the backside of the house, there is an outdoor pool in borderless shape and rightly placed in front of the back building section. Instead, perfect lightning system has greatly installed in each essential angle to create wonderful illumination at night.

In addition, build in lamps have rightly set up inside the pool to produce great enlightenment into the water. To mate the squared pool, next to it there are some adaptable gazebos in white hue. If you so much interesting in manufacture like this, you may check from some box type house design photos to get more information and ideas.

Image By : A-cero

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