Imposing Interior of Penthouse with Modern Indoor Furnishing

Pac Heights Penthouse really has the most imposing Interior of Penthouse because the furnishing is designed in modern style. The interior wall that is painted in white color really embosses the greatest nuance for the penthouse. In addition, the hardwood floor is covered with authentic rug so that it looks so classy. The ceiling lamps that are decorated with glass appearance really looks so imposing since it is designed in modern style.

With bed platform made from wooden material, the bed cover is indeed very classy made from suede material. In addition, the cabinet is made from walnut wood so that it really looks so enchanting. The spiral stairs design that is decorated with aluminum balustrade is designed in floating model so that the interior is so imposing. For the hanging pendant lamps, applying glass lampshade really makes the interior becomes so adorable. In addition, the Interior Design of Penthouses really looks so suitable for the interior design because the kitchen island is designed in modular style.

With sectional design for the kitchen cabinet, the interior is so fascinating. In addition, the stoves are made from steel material so that it contrasts the appearance of the kitchen decoration. For the walnut material for the kitchen cupboard, the interior is so great since the kitchen decoration is made from suede material. For the living room, the sectional sofa is designed with grey color for the chair. In addition, the square fireplace is covered with ornamental fireplace mantel. Indeed, with minimalist interior, the decoration becomes more complete. The white interior for the interior wall also fits the minimalist furniture of the house.

With geometrical wall decal, the interior is so enchanting because the color contrasts the decoration of the house. In addition, the sofa table is covered with white table clothes so that it looks so classy. Briefly, for a penthouse, the Interior Design Ideas Penthouses can be designed with minimalist furniture.

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