Impressive Contemporary Architecture in Jesuit building Full of Surprises

Perhaps, you often see contemporary architecture reflected in today modern houses. But, how if the concept also happens for Jesuit building? That sounds great! Well, actually the design truly exists in the Jesuit Community Center, located in Fairfield University. It is constructed by Gray Organschi Architecture. They were inspired by the spirits of Jesuit which are spirituality, simplicity, and intellectualism. Thanks to Robert Benson Photography for taking and memorizing such architectural building to be published then.

Situated in the hillside makes the house very comfortable pampered by beautiful landscape around it. This contemporary architecture design has stunning look appeared in its home exterior with box design and darker color.

Unique setting of small windows values the façade beautifully. Don’t you know what room is it using contemporary window styled? It is the praying room in which people do their silent moment alone or together with congregation led by the priest. From here, the natural light can enter and illuminate the room to be brighter.

Meanwhile, the interior design has peace and calm ambience because of its natural materials. Unfinished brick partition in the corridor, for example, it really represents rusticity. Also the well finished wooden wall and furniture, they soften the look in this place.

Try to take off your shoes and use your barefoot for walking, you will feel cool because the floor is made of cement. On the side, in the living room with rustic sliding door, the site looks more contented. It consists of a set of sofa, baby grand piano, and bookshelves. The accents are on the hues of sofa fabric that use fascinating floral and geometrical patterns. They make the room more artistic.

When you take a look at the outside view, the architecture is like half flying. It is because some parts of the building are supported by strong and sturdy wooden pieces formed. If you exit through the door at the back side, there is a wooden bridge that guides you to another direction.

As you can see, the bridge has metal buffers to keep it tough. What do you think after walking around here? Just be careful so you won’t be misguided in this great building. Two thumbs up for the architects by applying such contemporary architecture design concept to make extraordinary place.

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