Impressive Garden Roof above the Bottom House Section in Mill Valley

If you are a person who love gardening, this house with garden roof will be surprised you! Mill Valley Cabins is a house project that was made among the lush forest. At the surrounding of the house, there are many trees. This green environment is so relaxing and refreshing our mind. The architect who created this house is the Feldman Architecture. They constructed the project in Mill Valley, California, USA.

The house consists of two part which are the upper and bottom house. These buildings are separated each other by the bushes. The upper house is built on 500 square meters area while the bottom is on 380 square meters. On the roof of the bottom building, there is garden that is called as the garden roof design.

In this roof, we can plant many kinds of flowers and plants. This garden can be viewed from the upper house. So, if we plant various flowers there, we will be able to enjoy the view of the garden decoration although it is located on the roof.

Surrounding environment is still natural filled by many of vegetation. Tall trees give forest decoration among the house created a fresh ambiance. Natural stone pathways leading into the house is designed at the courtyard. Pathways are also located between the trees of the forest. Outside the house, there is short stone staircase too. This staircase has natural decoration of bushes and wild flowers.

Interior of the house is built in bright decoration. Base construction is built in concrete material while the exterior wall is decorated in wood cladding. The interior of the wall is painted in white color. If we look above, we will see that the ceiling designed in the combination of concrete and glass construction. Wide glass windows and doors are built there, whereas the flooring of this house with roof garden design ideas is constructed in wood material.

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