Impressive Modern Home Architecture Seen In Casa Del Cabo for Comfortable Home Living

Situated in Bueno Aires, Argentine, the panoramic scene of the lake nearby accompanies this modern home. Established in spacious land, it sounds challenging for Andres Remy Arquitectos to present the building being unified to the nature around it. Henceforth, the team focuses the design in its exterior performance and the qualified interior using modern contemporary style. As seen in the picture, the characteristic of this building is getting bold and attractive with some innovation of ‘box a box’ design.

Casa Del Cabo, as its name, has strong expression among the other houses around it. The architects play with the volumes in which its flat roofed has different height; up and down. The bold of geometrical lines becomes the primary elements to construct the façade.

Its composition between natural materials is purposely made to be more interesting. For example, the rough and natural look appears on the back side from wooden wall combined to concrete material. This modern home architecture only wants to show distinctive style of modern houses.

There are beautiful garden and concrete steps that greet you before entering the house. Living in here, you are also pampered by swimming pool in round shaped. It looks brighter at night because of the well lighting inside the pool. Not only outside view that gives some fresh, even the interior design will bring you comforted.

The team also build inner garden to keep the atmosphere cool as well as to make it more decorative. To get full vista of the environment surrounding, they benefits glass walls and wide windows. Meanwhile, semi-open living space enables the wind blowing every side of the house. Such design is also to allow the natural light in.

Purposely made for a couple and kids, perhaps it is very adorable place for living. The architecture and natural view are in good collaboration to give high performance. You do not need to go vacation in far away to have such peace and calm, just in your own home in Casa Del Cabo that serves all your need. This modern home architecture design is suitable for modern lifestyle.

Image By : Andrés Remy Arquitectos

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