Impressive Nelson Mandela Artwork in Unique Black Steel Rods

One famous figure that we don’t have to forget because of his struggle for humanity is Nelson Mandela. Because of that reason, many people try to monumentalize his merit in an artwork or sculpture so that his sacrifice can be remembered by more people. This is what is done by Marco Cianfanelli, a South African artist who makes an awesome sculpture of him. This sculpture is located in Howick, South Africa. Let’s have a tour!

This sculpture will make everyone who sees become amazed because of its unique concept. This sculpture is made from steel that is attached into concrete materials. From these steels, we can seTe the portrait of him. This sculpture will also make us remember of Nelson Mandela facts and everything about him. These steels also reflect the 27 years when he was in the prison. There are 25 steel columns in total to make this wonderful sculpture.

Brown concrete is constructed under these black steels. From front facade, we will see the tidy arrangement of steel rods in the straight line. But, actually these steels are not in a straight line. If you get closer, you will see that steels are set in distance. Every steel has space for each other. You are even able to walk among these steels. From near, you won’t see the portrait, but it can be seen from faraway.

The sculpture is unique and attracts many people to come in this place. This place looks quiet because there are still rare of building. There are many of vegetation such as the bushes. If you walk through the steel, you have the moment where you can ponder his sacrifice for human being to against the Apartheid. This historical sculpture is the place that you should visit if you like serenity. You can also get more Nelson Mandela facts about him in this place where you can gather with some other visitors.

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