Impressive Old House Design with Modern Practicality

Living in a house with an old house design may bring you to the nostalgic feeling with calm and warm atmosphere. Maison V, a house that is situated in Villennes-sur-Seine, France, presents that kind of concept well. This house is the outcome of the house development project of an architectural company, Oliver Chaubaud Architect. This is a modern house that can provide you with experience of old sophistication.

Maison V house is trying to mimic the old home design that usually has big garden areas in front of and on its back. The old house gardens ideas that are incorporated in the courtyard of the house do not show any special feature. There is only an open landscape with neatly cut green grasses in front of it. There are also some shrubs planted adjacent to the front walls.

The backyard garden of this modular house has an infinite swimming pool as its main attraction. The classical atmosphere was made by utilizing wooden poolside with rustic white wood planks. The presence of some sun bathed chairs with classical design on the side of the swimming pool enhances the nuance of old days.

The interior design of the house has clean white walls that create a bright atmosphere due to the huge amount of windows in this house. The living room of the house furnished with some white sofas with thin black stripes along its cushion. In the middle of the room there is a wooden block that serves as a coffee table. A stucco fireplace became the main accent of this room. This fireplace has a vintage design with a distinguished vintage stucco decor.

The most impressive home decor may be signed by the existence of a row of bookcases placed lining the white wall in the upper level of the house. These bookcases are attached on the wall of the indoor balcony of the house. Those are old home design ideas that may be can be applied on old house restoration to give a more modern practicality in old sophistication.

Image By : Olivier Chabaud Architect

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