Impressive Single Story House in Open Room Concept in Aranya

If you have got wide living space, you better to construct the single story house. With this kind of house, family will be easier to gather because we can reach every room effortlessly. The Modo Designs designed this kind of house too. They are an architectural firm that comes from India. This house project is named as the Shah House that has location in Aranya, India. The house stands on 5,850 square feet area .

Outdoor swimming pool is located at the side of the house. This pool is built among the grey concrete flooring with stone decorations and ceramic tiles. Materials that constructed this house are glass and concrete. Glass is designed in wide construction with big dark brown wood frame. This way, resident can enjoy both the outdoor and indoor atmosphere easily. Wide glasses really work in connecting those two spaces. This single story house design is constructed in stylish way with flat roof.

Get inside the house, we will see raw concrete wall that becomes the house border. This house also has outdoor staircase that is built without railing. Corner of the house is completed with green plant decorations. Interior of the house has elegant and opened design. The living room for example, is designed in wide windows construction. These windows has cover that can be closed or opened as necessary. So, you don’t need to worry about the house’s privacy. Wooden flooring is used here.

Curved sofa is located at the other living room of the house. Metallic hanging lamp is hung at the room’s ceiling. Brown sofa is placed near the grey ones too. Table and other home decorations are made from wooden material in dark brown color. Get into the bedroom, this bed has purple and red color. Wide window is built to give enough house lighting. This single storey house design plans has awesome decorations.

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