Incredible African Building Design of National Park in South Regency

Mapungubwe Interpretation Center is one of fabulous African building design in the world. Unique and eccentric is the first impression when you see this building at the first glance. A firm behind the successfulness of this building manufacturing is Peter Rich Architects. This public place has build in between Zimbabwe and Botswana limit state. This African National Park totally built on 500sqm dusty area.

Here, in this park there is a Baobab that 1000 years attain the age and surround by hundreds bird natures. Historical building and memorable story is theme which gratefully popping up in each section and line of this building. The designers have used 200.000 tiles of local materials and build them up with traditional hundreds years construction structure.

But the goal is how to make the South African building designs in traditional appearance could welcome more than a thousand modern visitors. Finally, assembled natural stone has juggled into cellars and use as base framework of the building.

Curve and buckle, curve and buckle are an overview in every second you sweep each part of the building. Curved roof, curved window, circular floor, curvature ceiling, spherical door and more flexions in each section automatically create unique and eccentric appearance. Main hall is one of the best frameworks you might be dazzled off. Combination from brick, local stone and metal as major construction has increase the modernity and prototypal theme in the interior impression.

The other exclusive room inside the building is the entrance hall. This room is looks different with the other because the roof structure has made in mounted form. If the other building sections have used brick as main material, this one has utilized the straw and wooden beams as vital substantial, so does the pillar.

Rough spindles timber has selected to sustain every section of the bare rustic ceiling. You may check this National Park South African building plans in the internet for more information and incredible impression.

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