Incredible Contemporary House Photos from Famous Architectural Photographer

A famous English man has dedicated his life as contemporary house photos shooter. Indeed, sometime is hears like easy job, but if you looks deeply into the ‘œjob desk’ you will realize how a photographer needs more than skills and techniques. James Silverman, the guy we have discussed here, is a man who loves his job to capture, capture and capture every detail of a modern house, even architecture in beautiful ways. His latest reward is receiving a photography award for what he deserves along his career.

He ever works for famous publisher such as Architectural Design, The Guardian, and Vogue Living. Sometime he could stand on his car’s deck to look for the best angle, and sometime he could stand on top of a building to have the best capture for modern contemporary house photos. If you want to hear the extreme one, you should know he ever built up a scaffolding tower to get the best shoot-point to meet his desire and passion.

One of his great photo shoots is a picture of an eclectic house near a small lake. Looked from the photo, indeed he stand on a rock in the edge of the lake to capture the rustic-modern house from the front side outright the facade. The water seems like a mirror which reflects every shadow fall on the water surface. Technique! It feels like we see a heaven when the blurry tree silhouette blends with the chill atmosphere around that is clearly implied. Lust!

When he was challenged, that is time for James to press out all his lust, feel, idea, imagination and passion to work as best as he could. In the other hand, believe and serious are two things which never be missed off. And as the result, every house design, interior design, exterior design and house total appearance always be a perfect photo.

It seems like when he would capture an interior looks, lightning, angle, arrangement, time or even weather would so much considered. And what he gets is sensational and inspirational modern interior design house photos in every photo section he has done.

Image By : James Silverman

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