Incredible Industrial Building with Wavy Surface among Green Courtyard

The industrial building must be environmental friendly with green concept. The industry doesn’t allow to have negative impact to the surrounding neighborhood. Now, we will discuss about unique building with wavy surface. This is a plant that produces power and has location in Lakeville, Connecticut, USA. This building was constructed by Centerbrook Architects and Planners. The name of this architectural project is the Hotchkiss Biomass Power Plant.

The plant is attractive to everyone who seen this. It has different shape of building among the green courtyard. This industrial building design stands on 16,500 square foot area.

That is quite big of land, isn’t? At some side, this plant doesn’t look like an industrial plant, but from the other side we can see its wall, doors, and windows clearly. This means that the building has different facade for each wall side. To see what happened and the process inside this plant, we should get closer. Here we go!

As we walk inside, we will see a wide processing room. The ceiling is decorated in zinc material with many of wood beams. These beams quite big and seem strong enough to support the whole construction.

The combination of this brown and grey color are amazing and will make everyone surprise if they look above. If we notice the wall, this part is designed in light brown color like the wood material. In this wall, there are many of pictures. This pictures can be something that describes about how the plant works.

There are steel borders that separate the visitors with the process area. This is important for the safety of these guests. Many of pipelines, steels, and others industrial machine and equipment are arranged neatly inside this building. A big chimney is constructed to be the tallest part of this plant that we can see from outside. To make a plant, you should know about the industrial building design standards too so that it doesn’t break the laws or rules.

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