Incredible Room Inspiration for the Most Important Space in House

If you planning to make a house, you may need the room inspiration. In making the house, you have to plan from the very basic criteria until the details. The EKE Interior, a Vietnam based architectural studio will give you some ideas about room design. The decoration can be various and depends on the function of the room. For example, the living room, bathroom or bedroom will have different decoration. The room concept can be the same but we should use different accessories to make it more appealing.

Let’s we start the room inspiration design by discussing about living room first. This room should have good design because every guest will come to this place. Therefore, living room will become the first impression for the whole house design. Living room can be designed using various style of sofas. There are many features of sofa such as the curved sofa, L-shaped sofa, or U-shaped sofa. You can consider this according to the size of the room.

About the bathroom, the most common material used is the ceramic and glass. But, you can also combine the marble or fiberglass. Marble will give elegant design for the bathroom wall whereas fiberglass is suitable for bathtub or other stuff. Glass slab will make your bathroom looks stylish. This can be used to separated the shower room. Steel metallic material also becomes favorite. It can be made for the shower rod or tap of the washbasin.

Private bedroom is important living space inside the house. Bedroom must be comfortable and have serene design. With this, you will be able to drown into your deep sleep. The decoration can be about placing bookshelf or desk there. Wide window is a good option if you like to see the outdoor surrounding. Another bedroom inspiration design is to give carpet or rug under the bedding to make the room becomes warmer.

Image By : EKE Interior

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