Incredible Townhouse Design with Awesome Decorations in New York City

Nowadays, the most important thing in townhouse design is about its comfort. There is no use to build a house if it is not comfortable to live in. On east 51st Street in New York City, there is a townhouse which has an attractive design. This house was created by GLUCK+, a NYC architectural studio firm. This house project is constructed on 1,322 square feet area that was completed in 2009. We have to take our tour here. Be ready!

This townhouse is completed in tall building style. The decoration of the front wall is stylish. There are glass constructions on each of its right and left side. This glass will shine when the house lamps are turned on. Lighting effect really works in this tall townhouse design ideas. At the ground floor, we will find steel fences in brown color. Next to this fence, there is caramel brown door that is made from wood material. To know how its interior is designed, we should get inside.

House interior has unique and awesome decorations. Hanging lamps that consist of many of glass lamps spark inside the building. These lamps are hung in different length of strings. This is so artistic and full of art. This townhouse also has staircase that we should notice.

This staircase is made from wooden material with glass slab railing. These glasses really made a beautiful decoration. There are bookshelves on the wall side nest to this staircase. This is such an inspiration for place efficient, isn’t it?!

Dining room is located in one room with the kitchen cabinet. It has glass sliding door for the easiness of the residents. Wooden brown cabinet with red brick wall are combined perfectly. Working room is designed on a particular corner which filled with some bookshelves. The townhouse interior design ideas are much affected by the use of wood and glass decorations.

Image By : GLUCK+

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