Ingenious Tribal Interior Using Patterned Stuff and Artful Sculptures

If you love the cultural decoration, this tribal interior will suit you. The tribal can be about patterned clothes, sculptures, or any other artistic stuff. This is an attractive decoration for home interior because of its various types. In Las Vegas, Nevada, there is an awesome residence with this kind of interior too. The house was designed by Derrell Parker. Every room has special design shown by its unique accessories.

Yellow decoration can be seen in the living room of this residence. This yellow scheme is perfect besides the white plain wall. Ceiling is also painted in white color which strengthen the bright room accent. Grey tiles flooring balances this interior so that the room becomes not too plain. Some white windows are also built there. Accessories of this room should get our attention because it use various sculptures creating special allurement for this tribal interior design.

From the yellow accent room, we move into the red ambiance section shown by the short stools. White still becomes the color that dominates the room. But, windows are getting wider here. White spiral staircase brings elegant touch at the corner of the room.

Tall bookshelf attached at the side of the room also utilizes the wall’s surface well. Furniture is chosen to be in dark scheme. There are the black and dark tan colored sofas above the stripes rectangular carpet. Some plant pot decorations also bring the outdoor freshness into the room.

Some walls are decorated by using various wall decorations. These stuff will make everybody amazed with this accessories arrangement. The orange ball pendant lamp next to this wall also gives a cheerful touch. The tribal design is stronger at the dining room.

Sculpture and patterned carpet have significant role over this food area. Another round dinette located near the kitchen also has patterned design for its red chairs. The modern tribal interior design in this residence is very interesting to be noticed.

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