Innovative Contemporary Home with Energy Saving Feature

At a glance, this contemporary home looks very general. However, its feature is surely more sophisticated compared to that of the ordinary house. Following the energy saving and environmentally friendly trend, this house is equipped with photovoltaic panels which manage to support 85% of the household’s needs of electricity. This house is called the House and Design Studio. The house which is located in Beligum was designed by Devolder Architecten.

From the outer part of the house, this modern residence looks like a cubical. It does not have any pitched roof as the flat roof is more efficient in absorbing the solar energy. The house’s exterior wall is covered by wooden slats in its entire part. It is also combined with glass walls on both the first and the second floor. This contemporary home design is also equipped with outdoor living room in the first story.

Let’s move inside the living room. The living room’s floor is made out of a polished concrete, and so is every other part of room inside the house. The living room is complemented by the presence of modern sofas facing one another.

In the middle of these sofas, we would be able to find a coffee table which looks like eggs. This table is placed on top of a brown fur rug which gives extra comfort to the residents. The living room’s facade is covered by glass panel and wooden blinds to adjust the amount of light which would enter the room.

The house’s kitchen employs a very tiny space. However, it still manage to contain all white kitchen furniture with ergonomic design of kitchen counters and cabinets. The kitchen counters are shaped in U form, leaving freer space in the middle of the room. The kitchen is connected to the dining room which has four designer chairs and a modern table. This contemporary house design ideas utilize modern hanging lamps above the kitchen set.

Image By : Devolder Architecten

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