Innovative Oven Pizza Design for Making Delicious Pizza

A new innovation of oven pizza design looks like a disco ball. This is a product of human creativity to full fill their desire. As we know that human always looks for something new, something unique, where they are never satisfy with these things. But it is make people evolve more and more and get new ideas to make new innovation in all part of their life. It is same with disco ball oven; it is product of human thinking.

In a modern pizza restaurant with minimalist space design where ordinary tables and unique chair are arrange orderly. It is makes this restaurant feel large, even though this restaurant have limited space. All customers can see the incredible pizza oven design ideas look like disco ball at the middle of the restaurant. Bright flickering from the disco ball oven and unique form make this oven as an eye catching in that restaurant.

Arranging of each element in this restaurant is essential. It is from the arranging the table, chair which suit with the room dimension. It is gives comfortable atmosphere for every people who entering and sit inside the restaurant.

Most of people say that waiting is the most bored job. In this restaurant while you wait your pizza is ready to serve you can show the disco ball oven show off. When the grill process the oven will start to spin and lot of different color is decorate the restaurant area.

Design of this oven is combination between modern design and traditional style, this open still use wood as the fuel. It is to make the pizza keep delicious with traditional way of cooking. Because of this uniqueness lot if people come to visit this restaurant, all customer feel comfort and enjoy their meal. Not like other restaurant use pizza oven kit, just in this restaurant you can find oven pizza design ideas like this.

Image By : Lukas Schaller

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