Inspirational Scandinavian House Design for Your Modern Living

It has been known that Scandinavian house design is one of the famous designs in this modern era. Scandinavian design is favorite design since it is modern minimalist in design. The black and white concept contrasted with the splash of color like red and blue is identical with Scandinavian house.

That’s why, most people is interested in this style. One of the house designs that are inspired by Scandinavian house is the one that is completed by Norbert Furling. He is the best house designer from Swedish. This modern residence is situated in Uppsala. Uppsala is one of the largest cities in Sweden.

Before we talk about Scandinavian interior design, let us talk about the exterior design first. When you look this contemporary residence at glance, your eyes will be attracted with its luxurious modern house design. The house is painted in white for its wall and black for its roof. It is really identical with Scandinavian characteristics.

The design of the house is quite simple. Surrounded by the lush vegetation, the house feels so cozy to live in. The existence of the trees around the house combined with the white color of the house can create warmth to the house.

Now, it is the time to look inside the house. Well, luxury will greet you at the first time you enter the house. Here you will find black ceramic tiles combined with white painted wall. Entering from main door you will be greeted by chandeliers lamp and also ceiling lamp.

The use of artificial lighting seems to be important in this house design. Let us move to the kitchen, here, you can find granite benches. Some oak wood furniture also beautifies the kitchen. The other interesting part to see is the dining room. Here, you can find stylish dining set. Next to the dining set is the fireplace. In this room, the designer used laminate flooring.

There is modern furniture also in the minimalist bedroom. You can search more information in the internet website. All is designed as the symbol of modernity. Actually, Scandinavian interior design characteristics can be easily known.

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