Inspiring Apartment Interior of Executive Living Cave

The breezy theme apartment interior of executive home in Tel Aviv possesses sort of brilliant ideas for urban living within contemporary design. Wooden floor looks so classic flooring the open space with the clear glass border of the guard.

It gives a contrast scene by the bold element under the simple and light one. This open space is plenty of sitting spot for enjoying the blue ocean view and tender breeze while having the teatime. Some planters provide greenery upon the strict line of setting.

Checking into the spacious space of the snowy white background, simple but stylish white sofa welcomes every executive to take a break inside accompanied by the old-fashioned wooden table. Ethnical pattern of the rug under the setting set covers some part of the white and sleek spotless floor.

Clear glass wall allows the beautiful horizon of the blue ocean supporting the interior design. Wooden accent of long buffet and wide mirror frame enhances the apartment interior decorating ideas for this contemporary room.

Easy access to the other part of this living home presents the modern kitchen to have the space next to the sitting room. White scene still becomes the dominant color for the fashionable furniture design. Wooden big cabinets contribute in enlivening the cooking corner. it is an extraordinary placement of decorative furniture and strikes the monotonous scene with the bare timber natural color.

Triangle shape is the form of stair-steps, which looks like floating ladder. This advance model connects to the upper floor where the bed and the bath comply the space. Airy and bright scene of room makes every busy man to reach relaxation in this private room. In this sleeping space, stylish oval bathtub incorporates with the wooden bed divan. Magnificent outlook view still contributes on the interior design through glass wall installation. Reviewing this neoteric home inspires to set apartment interior decorating tips in another residence.

Image By : Gerstner Architects

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