Inspiring Contemporary Home Design in Rural Area Mixed to Modern Touch

Talking about contemporary home will never end after visiting the Pamela Municipality, Lisbon, Portugal. Surrounded by natural view of subtropical area, the uniqueness appears on its design that tries to blend rural and modern style.

Designed by Monica Penaguiao, best Lisbon-based interior designer, the building made of natural materials in white paints. It gives special attraction because of the supported decoration to be more splendid. Under the tree, you can enjoy eating accompanied by the nature. Having conversation outside the house makes your fresh because of the wind.

It seems very interesting that this contemporary home design also serves you with incredible furniture in rural themed to accompany your living in here. The materials like woods and bamboos stand out the characteristic of rusticity. For example, in the interior design, the ceiling is made of wooden planks.

It gets balanced with the brick wall and cement floor. In terrace, the open space living room has bamboo ceiling to makes the natural light free entering the place. Even though they are simple and rough, white paints succeed to soften the look to be more fashionable.

Seeing the decoration of this contemporary house, perhaps, it reminds you with Scandinavian design. Well, it is almost similar but this house tends to be more rustic. If Scandinavian style uses various color accents, the designer plays with ethnic patterns to create colorful and cheerful effects. It is clearly seen in the Turkish cushions and the Killim rug in the outdoor living room. Meanwhile, the rooms inside the house get bold by darker color as realized in Wishbone chairs by Hans Wegner.

The combination between rural and modern style is just wonderful. You can see the dining room that looks stylish with the modern furniture. It also has matching design with the wooden door in old style. In the bedroom, vintage touches the pillows collaborated with pastel color from the bedcover.

It becomes sophisticated because of the unique ornaments such as golden cat sculpture and antique porcelain. Actually by using this design, the designer wants to improve the appearance of rustic home identical with unfashionable and fragile, into something different with contemporary style. But here, she doesn’t eliminate the natural sense in this building. It will be the innovation of modern house designs applied in rural area.

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