Inspiring Leather Sleeper Sofa for Furnishing Our Living Room

For people who want to furnish their house with a set of leather sleeper sofa in certain design and color, take a look at then pictures we are going to talk there is such a nice way of getting inspiring ideas. The first picture we are going to talk is about a beautiful living room with a set of glossy leather sofa bed.

The rug placed on the marble floor of this room has unique round pattern that also applied on the cushion covers placed on the sofa sections. A simple varnished wooden coffee table is placed on the rug in front of the sofa set. On a corner section of this sofa set is extended to be used as a sofa bed. Next to this extended sofa bed is available a wooden nightstand with a white table lamp on it. Another living room with a set of black leather sleeper sofa yet with the same rug and pillow covers is also inspiring through the interior design.

From the previous picture, we are going to find another picture with an orange leather sofa bed. The extended sofa section on the middle part of this adorable sofa is so comfortable to sleep. Not only to sleep but also to rest your legs while watching television is so nice there. Some leather covered cushions are placed on the right and left sofa sections there to make people sit on them.

Different from the previous colorful sofa sets before, the black sofa bed of the next picture is so stylish. This sofa has a separated sofa bed that has a curved shape. The bold color scheme of this black leather sofa is so elegant on a broken white furry rug. This black leather sectional sleeper sofa is such a good thing to be placed in our living room.

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