Inspiring Minimalist Furniture for Your Messy Gadget Cable Problems

If you want to decorate your room in simple design, the minimalist furniture is the answer. This kind of furniture will keep its function without any overcrowded design. But now, we will discuss about simple furniture which is able to manage our wire problems. Wires that come from our electronic devices are often really disturbing and annoying. This is really disturbing our sight. Some people even becomes mad because of this matter.

However, don’t worry because that problem is now solved! The Studio Manzano creates an effective design for wires. They are a French furniture company. They introduced the Zeta collection that could handle this gross matter. The gadget will look tidy and you still be able to use it properly.

They designed the minimalist furniture design that manage the cables. The concept is by hiding wires and cables or everything that come from your electronic devices. This make your desk becomes neat. The messy thingy are now hidden!

This is a simple desk that is made from plastic polymer and fiber material. There are some colors available such as the white, black, or brown. The table is simple and can be attached to the wall. There are hole at the surface of the table where you can clip the wires. Your notebook, cell phone, or any other gadget can be managed with this desk. The wires and cables cannot be seen because it is hidden at the back of the furniture.

Behind this desk, there is partition where you can put the cable. This can also be used as the drawer of the table. Small book or stationery are placed here that will give you an easiness. Now, your messy cable is disappear whereas this desk will make your room look stylish too. The table is completed with chair that support the design. You can place everywhere you want because these minimalist furniture design ideas are easy to be installed.

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