Inspiring Modern Lake House with Amazing Front Porch

A modern lake house named Lake House 2 and designed by McClellan Architects has very amazing lake house design. With great natural environment and waterfront scenery, no one will refuse to live there during the holiday season. By seeing the facade of this contemporary lake house, we can see that this lovely lake house is a two leveled house in lakeside area with amazing natural green environment surrounding it.

Most of the wall of this stylish lake house is using glass materials for letting the sunlight as the natural light to come into the lake house for minimizing the energy usage in electrical lighting concept. In the front yard of this stunning house, we can find a concrete dock on the lake for the boats which sail over the lake. Before we talk about modern lake house interior design of this marvelous lake house, we better appreciate this lake house exterior design which is very stylish.

The front porch of this adorable lake house is quite large. It consists of some outdoor furniture that people will get amazed of them. An outdoor fireplace with some unvarnished wooden chairs surrounding it is so beautiful. Some white and orange cushions are placed on the chairs. The floor there is constructed of thousand concrete paving blocks.

Next to this adorable outdoor fireplace, we will find a set of outdoor dining table set which consists of a unique wooden dining table with a hole in the middle of it for the vault of medium trees and some wooden chairs with foam seats surrounding it.

The interior design of this stunning lake house is so lovely with modern look of contemporary interior design and classy furniture with high quality materials. The contemporary lake house interior design ideas and inspirations provided by this charming lake house must be so admiring.

Image By : McClellan Architects

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