Inspiring Modern Pavilion Full Of Elegance And Fresh Elements

Let us explore a great modern pavilion in California, in the United States. This dazzling elegant pavilion is designed by Steve Hermann, that is suitable for dynamic people with youth and active spirit. You will be inspired by how it can combined well, between the modern touch and natural elements that are installed in this home design. Some pictures will be able to be seen in our gallery below, so make sure you will not miss the chance to check them out later!

In this espacious modern pavilion ideas plan, you will be able to find 5 bedrooms and bathrooms included inside, large open plan room, lavish living room design, lovely terrace and also a wide room for showing your car collections that can accommodate up to 8 cars.

Now we will invite you to visit the main bedroom. Natural tones are selected to dominated this home, such as white, black and grey. A big set of futuristic design couch in black is the main living room furniture you will easily find out.

When you are willing to have a bedroom that has no boundary with the natural landscape in its surrounding, then this bedroom is the answer. Transparent glass facades are applied as the will and window without any frame it will let you to see the exterior design freely.

There is a double bed size with cozy and modern style. A modern fireplace system is installed in the right side of the bed, and in its opposite thee is installed a wide screen TV completed with functional desk and chairs. There is also a set of futuristic couch that is installed in this white bedroom.

We know that you still want to know more about this dazzling modern pavilion house plans, that is why we already prepared some pictures that you can check in our gallery below.

Image By : Steve Hermann

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