Inspiring Modern Small Apartment Design with Smart Plan For Better Life

In this edition, we are here to help you for having a marvelous modern small apartment design. Small and limited is not always boring and tiring. Use your creative idea and imaginations for installing some stuffs that utilize the place well.

As we guess, white is the dominate colors that is used here. Open plan room design have two room functions in the same time, as living room and also dining room, there is no partition needs for separating this rooms from a functional kitchen.

When you are only having limited places, you also need smart and functional thinking for choosing the best modern furniture small apartment design that will also suit to your taste. For the living room, one three-seats couch in light grey is put together with one couple single chairs in dark grey and a minimalist wooden table.

Functional book shelve is installed in the corner of the room just near the wide screen TV that is injected on the grey wall. The dining room has six chairs and one white square table made of snow white granite stone in the middle of them. All these furniture has classical and minimalist details.

This home only has few couples of small windows but it is covered by large and high curtain design that add some spacious touch in to the rooms. Then where is the other functional and crucial storage for your stuffs? Calm down, all is covered by a partition that is installed sliding design.

When you need them you just can open them widely, but when you do not you can closed them and you room looks spacious and not crowded. It is a smart way It is still not completed yet, when you are not checking this modern small apartment plans photos that are available in the gallery below.

Image By : Minosa Design Studio

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